The REALizing Returns University Race

This investment competition provides an interactive allocation tool for teams to invest $1 billion in a variety of real estate investments directly linked to well-known industry benchmarks.

Ready To Race?

The Team

Form a 3-person team of registered students - undergraduate, graduate, or a combo, it's up to you. We love all majors, but Real Estate or Business works best!

The Portfolio

It's Race time and your team must invest $1 billion to produce the highest total return for the year. Your strategy will include decisions within CRE quadrants, property sectors and regions.

The Faculty

Most teams start with faculty, but if not you need university faculty representation to proceed. Sell them on how great you are at CRE investing and you sense university capital gains in the near future.

The Outcomes

Quarterly top public and private portfolio winners will be announced and our grande prize - with the overall highest portfolio return - will claim bragging rights and money for their university.

The Registration

Everyone will have to register and the process goes like this; faculty sign-up - they'll get a link to share with their student team. Students register using that link. Quick simple and now ready to compete.

Sign up now for RRUR 2020:

What's Your Return Recipe?

It's not so easy. Starting with quadrants, followed by twelve unique property sectors and four geographic regions, there are many recipes that could be right or wrong.

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